Giving birth

30 Aug

A big day today for me, the culmination of eleven months of blood sweat and tears as we created the latest campaign for Carlton Draught.

Whilst this has been a long and often challenging process, it really captures the importance of working with a great team – both internally and at the agency, and the persistence to keep pushing to keep ideas alive.

In this case I’m fortunate to work with the best in the business, the collective creative fire power at Clemenger BBDO, incredibly professional account service and a production team who continually make the impossible possible.

Then at my own end, I’ve been in the great position of having the experience and skills of my boss who was the original architect of the brand positioning and more so has an eye for detail unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, plus two eager assistant brand managers who continually ask questions that make you think.

So yes we had the basis to make something good, but let’s not forget every project has its challenges and for us we had a few. A corporate takeover, new CMO, new CEO and an increased scope of pre testing metrics we had to hit, not to mention ensuring we worked within our various codes and regulations, and from the first presentation of the idea that had robbers being chased from the pub with beers – this was certainly a barrier to overcome!

Now the ad is live and we’ve figuratively ‘given birth’ it’s always that nervous time as we wait and see. And encouragingly early signs are good. Sure we’ve tested and tested to make sure punters like it (and they did) but the real test is seeing people watch it and enjoy it. What’s more, in what is usually an incredibly bitchy world of not praising others work, it’s nice to read folks tweeting and commenting that they like it.

At the end of the day that’s all we’re trying to do. Continue to refresh those memory structures for people so they continue to love your brand and consume it. When it makes you laugh it’s an added bonus, especially when you think this will be disrupting people from watching all the drivel that seems to be dominating our TV screens at the moment.

So if you haven’t already, please check it out


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